Custom CNC Machining Parts Service For Rapid Product Introduction

Global Delivery Within 10 Days

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Custom CNC Machining Parts Service For Rapid Product Introduction

Global Delivery Within 10 Days

Start With A Free Project Review

Welcome to Superapid China CNC Machining Services

Superapid is one of the professional CNC machining services providers in China. We offer milling services and possess turning capabilities with the recent and the best in manufacturing technology to produce great results with precision machining.

We are CNC precision engineering company. We are delivering guaranteed levels of customer service and quality workmanship to clients across the world.

Our skilled team of specialist machining engineers operates with a range of the latest, high-end, and precision CNC milling and turning equipments. We create complex parts and components for industries ranging from aerospace, railways, petro-chemicals, photonics, renewable energy, subsea, oil and gas.

Rapid CNC Machining Product

Metal Sheet Fabrication

Sheet metal Fabrication is found almost everywhere and Superapid can aid you accurately and quickly make your brackets, assemblies, enclosures, housings, cabinets, and other sheet metal parts and CNC Machining. Our Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is 200 OR 500 Pieces and we offer options for mid or low volumes. Learn More…

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CNC Turned Parts

The process of CNC turning involves the security of raw material and is turned by the lathe machine. During the process, a single-point cutting tool gets shifted parallel to the axis of rotation – thereby shaping the required material. Manufacturers feed the exact measurements into a machine through CAD software. Learn More…

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Metal Casting Services

For projects that require metal casting, Superapid works with tens of metal foundries across a wide range of materials. Whether you're seeking investment castings, or sand castings, industrial metals, or precious metals, we can satisfy your need. Learn More

Aluminum Extrusion

At Superapid, the application range of aluminum extrusion is endless. Few aluminum extrusions are too big or too small. One of the main reasons for the growth of aluminum extrusion products is the negligible cost of dies. Complex aluminum extruding shapes in most cases and is more cost-effective compared to rolling, forming, or machining. Learn More…

You won't get experienced CNC workers anywhere else than us!

Working for customers across the world, we use a diverse span of metals and other materials if demanded by clients. We have the most usual engineering material including aluminum, brass, and mild steel, POM, PE, ABS and Nylon, etc.

We have diverse clients in various industries that also help to develop efficient ways of CNC materials. The emphasis of our engineers upon quality is focal. That is why we acquire the expertise of workers who want to progress at a faster pace. So, as a whole, we are progressing swiftly.

What We Offer

The dynamic environment of Superapid ensures maximum focus on customers’ specifications to give our clients proper assistance, high-quality, industrial expertise, and specialized professionals. We proudly offer the following services:

  • - CNC Machining Services
  • - Die Casting
  • - CNC Turned Parts Suppliers
  • - Aluminum Extrusion
  • - Precision Metal Sheet Fabrication
  • - Precision Lathe Machining

The benefits of Working with Us

Customers from multiple backgrounds – new and existing who are with us for several years – can take benefit of our resourceful resources that remain 24/7 available to assist along the way. Superapid is an incredible one-stop-shop for your CNC needs.

We carry a broad range of in-stock CNC tooling and related accessories. We take pride in competitive prices and responsive service.

We believe in continuous development. Also, our innovation allows us to constantly make new products and do enhancements that are suitable for customers’ existing machines.

Our tools assist your business if you are outgrowing your setup, require higher productivity, or want to add flexibility or improve quality. Our experienced technicians are enough trained on machine installation, re-commissioning, and decommissioning. If you need to move factory or rearranging your existing one, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.