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Precision CNC Lathe Machining

Superapid’s CNC lathe machining offers a wide spectrum of options and specifications for multiple industries. We offer highly versatile precision lathe machining to meet your custom applications across a range of materials. Our rigid yet reliable CNC turning centers provide you an unparalleled level of precision, dynamics, and flexibility.

What is
CNC Lathe Machining?

Controlled and operated by Computer Numerical Control (CNC) systems and offered with precise design instructions, CNC Lathe machines are tools where the part or material is secured and rotated through the main spindle. While the cutting tool that is operated on the material is clamped and moved in various axes.

Precision lathe machining service is used normally for machining parts, where the part or material is rotated whereas the cutting tool is mounted stationary for OD (Outer Diameter) and ID (Inner Diameter) operations, e.g. pipes and shafts.

CNC lathe Machining are ideal for components that have the same symmetry around an axis, which could be chucked up in the spindle.

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Different Configurations of Precision Lathe Machining

What are the various components of a precision lathe machining and how do they differ from the CNC Machine Tool? Superapid is here to solve your confusion.
Generally, precision lathe machining comes in the below-mentioned main configurations:

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Standard
  • Multi-axis
  • Slant Bed
  • Flat Bed

Other forms include Multi-spindle, Swiss Type, and B-axis

Industrial Application of CNC Lathe Machining

CNC lathe machining is typically used to perform precise round shapes with an Outer Diameter (OD), and an Inner Diameter (ID). Practically speaking, Superapid uses all forms of structures, which could be machined with this machine tool, depending on customers’ needs in different industries.

  • oil & gas
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • medical
  • electronics
  • mining
  • power plant
  • steel & paper mills
  • shipbuilding

Modern CNC Lathe machines normally offered life tools, able to work on multiple axes. For example, you can include both X and Y-axis, include a second turret with various tools, or include a sub-/second spindle. These desirable features help to be flexible and more effective for different drilling, milling, and tapping operations.
The result is a complete and complex part production process, eliminating the requirement to shift the part to another machine for another operation e.g. to a CNC machining or CNC milling center.

FAQs of CNC Lathe Machining

Will I enjoy the best consumer experience?

Usage of levers makes it comfortable for you to operate the carriage. Also, the brake pedal expands the scope of operation.

Will I have the tailstock?

Yes. The robust clamping power of our tailstock allows you a secure fitting of materials and offers operation stability and high-precision processing.

Do you offer a high-rigidity bed?

The high-rigidity bed is designed here to obtain vibration absorption and optimum shock, its sliding surface undergoes grinding and heat-treatment.