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Among Superapid’s various CNC services, custom CNC turned parts service is frequently asked for a particular category of parts. CNC turning is a machining process where the machine rotates the workpiece at speed in a chuck. In contrast to CNC milling, the cutting tool here does not spin.

Turning can be done on metals like magnesium, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, and nickel alloy. Custom CNC turned parts can also be used in plastics like polycarbonate, nylon, PP, PMMA, PTFE, ABS, POM, PEI, PEEK. CNC turning machines are also known as lathe machines.

What is
CNC Turning??

It is a specific type of precision machining in which cutters remove materials by contacting with the spinning workpiece. The machinery movement is controlled by instructions given by the computer, allowing for maximum repeatability and precision.

CNC turning is different from CNC milling where the cutting tools rotate and get direction from various angles at the workpiece, which is generally stationary. Since CNC turning involves workpiece rotation in a chuck, it is typically used to produce tubular or round shapes, gaining far more precise rounded surfaces than you can’t even imagine with CNC milling or other processes.

The tooling used with a CNC lathe machine is fixed to a turret. This part is computer programmed to make specific movements and erase material from raw materials until the required 3D model is formed.

Like CNC milling, CNC turned parts service can be used for quick manufacturing of either end-use or prototype parts.

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Benefits of Custom CNC turned parts service

Cylindrical parts

CNC turning machine is perfect for creating cylindrical or round parts. Lathes make these parts accurately, quickly, and with tremendous repeatability.

Range of processes

Although typically used for components of a particular shape, CNC turned parts service can still be used for a variety of cuts, including boring, drilling, knurling, and threading.

Professional quality

We provide you high-quality CNC tuned parts in the most competitive rates.

CNC turning metals

Aluminum CNC machining is a key part of Superapid’s services catalog; however, CNC turning can be used as well, to process metals like steel, magnesium, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, bronze, and nickel alloy.

CNC turning is used commonly for aspect and mechanical components. These are often manufactured from aluminum, the most machinable metal. An aluminum part can be produced with high accuracy and strength, as well as a superior surface finish.

CNC turning plastics

While accuracy machining is normally utilized for metals, Superapid can likewise give CNC turned parts services to plastic parts. Materials are accessible for CNC turning to incorporate nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, POM, PP, PMMA, PTFE, PEI, PEEK, giving more precise parts than 3D printing.